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Itís been nearly a year since Iíve updated anything on here.Afraid my Castle poems hit a drought and my fanfic spark got lost. However, I did find time to pen poems for Once Upon A Time (new page on the index) and my Castle drought ended last night.Enjoy the new works!



Super long hiatus in updates, or so it seems.Weíve got a new year upon us!Iíve updated my site with new poetry for you all to read.Enjoy.



New Castle poem is posted.This one is from the Wedding Episode.Enjoy J



Long time between updatesÖ pleased to have added a new Castle Poem for the start of the new season.Enjoy J



Updated the About Me page last month, and today I added a new poem.Check out the 5th page.



A new DQ banner is on the home page and a new Castle poem has been posted from last weekís episode.



Chapter 10 of A Love like Yours is posted.Enjoy!


New Castle poem is posted from last nightís Episode: Room 147.Love the Kate/Alexis moments and ran with it.


In my Veins did it again, inspiring another beautiful Caskett poem.May the dance never stop.


Chapter 3 of A Thousand Years is posted for your reading enjoyment


I wrote A Thousand Years for the DQ Forumís Picture Challenge, it can be accessed from my DQ FanFic page.Today Iíve uploaded the second chapter to what I started.Enjoy.


A new Castle poem has been posted for your reading pleasure.



Chapter 9 of A Love like Yours is posted


A new chapter is posted for A Love like Yours.Enjoy J


Happy New Year!

Iím trying out a new style of poetry today for the latest Castle poem.Hope you all enjoy.


12-18-2013 Happy Holidays!Iíve put up a DQ Christmas story that I wrote for a challenge on the DQ forum.I hope you all enjoy it. JChapter 7 of A Love like Yours is posted as well.

12-10-2013 A Love Like Yours Chapter 6 is posted for your reading pleasure.I hope those of you reading my story are enjoying it. J

12-4-2013A Love like Yours- Chapter Five is up for your reading pleasure.


11-24-13 Happy Thanksgiving, J I am giving you all Chapter 4 of A Love like Yours.Enjoy!

11-18-2013 Chapter Three of A Love like Yours is posted.Enjoy the new chapter.

11-13-2013 Chapter Two of A Love like Yours is posted.Those of you that have begun reading the story, I hope you enjoy this chapter.

11-07-2013 The first chapter of A Love like Yours is posted. It takes place during and after the events in DQís Point Blank episode.Those of you who are Hankís Hussies will enjoy this, those that are M&S fans, bear with me. J

11-05-2013 Iíve added a new poem from last nightís Castle episode, making it the second for S6.The end with Alexis thanking Kate really sparked it all.



10-17-2013Part Six & Seven of You Set Me Free is up for your reading pleasure.They conclude the story, hope you all have enjoyed reading it.

10-04-2013 The counterpart to the poem I added yesterday to the DQ Poetry, has been published.Enjoy the beautiful two part gracing of words.

10-03-2013 Iíve added a new poem to the DQ Poetry page.There were several influences that built up the inspiration for it.By the time I wrote it, there was so much pouring out of me.Enjoy the beautiful words.

10-01-2013 New Castle Poem is up, from Ep 2 Dreamworld.Enjoy! XS


9-23-2013 New Castle banner is up on the front page.With a new season about to start, I figured it was time for a change.Keeping on the Castle topic, Season 6 has its own page for poems.Iím looking forward to sharing them with you all and hope you enjoy them as well.

9-18-2013 Part Five of You Set Me Free has been posted for your reading pleasure.Enjoy!

9-16-2013 Something Special, the Epilogue to close the Heart Song Trilogy is published for your reading pleasure.Enjoy the beautiful conclusion.

9-15-2013 Part Three of the Heart Song Trilogy: Torn Apart is up for your reading pleasure.It picks up where Back of my Memories left off.Enjoy, and stay tuned for the Epilogue.

9-12-13 Part Two of the Heart Song Trilogy: Back of my Memories is up for your reading pleasure.It picks up where Donít Let Go stopped.

9-10-2013 A new DQ fic, Donít Let Go (Heart Song Trilogy 1) has been added to the Engagement Series.This one is a missing scene story that opens just after Sullyís proposal of marriage to Michaela.I am planning to write two more parts to it.For now enjoy the first part of it.

9-03-2013 You Set Me Free Pt 4 is up for your reading pleasure, enjoy!



8-18-2013 You Set Me Free Pt 3 is now up for your reading pleasure.Enjoy. J

8-14-2013 You Set Me Free, my new DQ fic is posted.It deals with themes we saw in Ladies Night but missed out on seeing.Enjoy the first two parts.

8-8-2013 Iíve added a new poem, under my most recent.It seems this world loves the world perfection when it comes to certain celebs.Maybe itís age, but in my eyes no one is perfect.We are all human and this is my say in the matter.

8-02-2013Two new DQMW fics have been added, one on my main page and the other as part of the Marriage Series.Break My Fears explores the healing we never really saw Colleen have in Life and Death.Itís my missing scene(s) story.Beautiful Unknown came about from the title of a song, and how beautiful the M&S romance is to me.The unknown comes from the two on the bridge saying they arenít ready yet.

Last month I added a new poem (bottom of page four for now) that really helped me get some things off my chest.Iíve seen constantly how a beautiful actress from a popular TV series is put on a pedestal, as if sheís immortal.And while itís great to have fans, the last thing I want is to be up on some pedestal.

Enjoy my new fics and poem. J


6-19-2013 I have created a new page of Michaela & Sully Fanfiction, their Marriage Series.You can find the link to it on my main fanfiction page for Dr. Quinn.I have been greatly inspired with a second watch of the show that the stories are pouring out of me.The first two in the series are: Melody in my Heart & Falling Slowly; and while one deals with Colleen and Andrew, I felt it should be placed where it is.Do enjoy both of them.

6-15-2013 New Dr. Quinn Fanfiction posted, Graceful Landings.Takes place after season threeís Fathers and Sonís episode.Happy reading.

6-08-2013 New DQMW fan fiction posted, ďGrowing in LoveĒ- follows Brian, Colleen, Matthew, & Sully as they reflect back on their time knowing Michaela and find ways to honor her. I have placed it with the M&S Engagement Series of stories. Happy Reading.


5-19-2013 I have penned another Castle Fan Fic, this one is a sequel to A New Dawn, titled Finding Always.With the hiatus in place I wanted to muddle through my own version of things.Please enjoy JAlso Iíve redesigned the Castle FanFiction page with a new layout, background, and some new banners.You will also find new banners on the Castle poem pages as well, along with the episodes that inspired them (at the top).Happy reading. J

5/14/2013Just when I thought I wasnít going to get a poem out of the Castle Season 5 Finale, one decides to sneak up on me.Iím glad it did, last night left me confused, but this helped.Enjoy!

5-2-2013 New Castle Fanfiction: A New Dawn is posted and ready for your reading pleasure.Enjoy!

5-1-2013Happy May!I am pleased to let you know that three new Castle poems have been written.They are all from the recent episode, Still, making a total of four from the episode.Please enjoy them.


4-15-2013 After viewing the Castle Promo for Still I was inspired to write a poem based on what I saw.The words that followed out of me are beautiful and touching.Read now at your own risk.I have also added another poem, Butterflies, to my fourth page of poetry.

4-13-2013 New layout on the home page, and the last two chapters of A Trunk Full of Dreams have been posted.Enjoy!

4-06-2013 I have written a Part 3 to my story about Colleen and Andrew.Itís a tender, sweet story that I hope you all enjoy.


3-31-2013 I have added a new Dr. Quinn fic to my fanfiction page.Itís a tender story about Colleen and Andrew; a first of its kind for me.While I did step out of my usual M&S romance, I do hope you enjoy this two part fiction.It takes place 20 years after the show aired.

3-30-2013 My editor got back to me with A Trunk Full of Dreams and those first three chapters got a second edit.I have also added Chapters 4 and 5 to the mix.Enjoy!I have been adding new banners here and there giving things a new look.

3-21-2013 I wrote a new DQ poem after watching Reason to Believe & All that Matters.Please enjoy the new poem.

3-20-2013 Wrote a poem earlier today that is a mix of inspirations.Itís been placed on page four of my poetry for you to enjoy.

3-8-2013 Brand new fic: A Trunk Full of Dreams, added to my Michaela & Sully Engagement Series.The story is currently in progress and will be added to as chapters are finished.Enjoy the first three right now.New banners are also in place on two of my fan fiction pages, main page and courtship series page.

3-6-2013 Added another DQMW fic: Through Our Eyes to my fanfiction page, another tender Michaela and Sully story.I have also added My Heart Is Yours & Through Our Eyes to my Michaela & Sully Engagement Series Stories.Enjoy the new fic.

3-5-2013 Brand new DQMW fic: My Heart is Yours has been added to my fan fiction page.Itís a beautiful romantic Michaela & Sully story.May you all enjoy!


2-28-2013 New design on the home page and some more images have been added to the digital gallery.

2-26-2013 Two Castle poems added from the episode ďHuntĒ enjoy them both!

2-19-2013 New Castle poem added to the bottom of the third page.Enjoy!

2-17-2013 New DQMW fanfic added entitled Loveís Strong Buck.It was written for the DQ Challenge; hope you enjoy the short story with a tender touch of romance.

2-12-2013 Unearthed a love poem from a year ago and added a new one.Both are on the fourth page of poems. Also added a new Castle poem to its third page.Happy Valentineís Day. J

2-9-2013 Added a fourth page of poetry, only one poem there for now.Stay tuned for more.

2-5-2013 Added a new Castle poem to the collection from Season Five.This one is based on episode 13: Recoil.



12-16-2012 Added a new banner to the home page, changed what is found in my gallery and added a whole new set of poems.Enjoy them. JAlso updates will be posted on my blog:


12-15-12 Decorated the front page for the Holidays, and added a new Castle poem.Enjoy and have a safe and happy holiday J.



11-6-12 New page added for Dr. Quinn poetry.There arenít many, but do enjoy J.


11-6-12 New Castle poem added based on Final Frontier.Happy reading.



10-30-12 New Castle poem added based on Probable Cause.Happy reading.

10-18-12 New page of Castle poems added and photo change on the home page.



8-6-12 Added a Sequel to Shades of Always titled Open Eyes.Check it out on my Castle Fanfic Page.


7-17-12Created a page for my single Castle Fanfic.Enjoy the story.Also removed the DQ links page & my courtship blog.Links werenít working and the blog hadnít been updated in ages.

7-12-12added to my fanfic page with links to Picture Challenge Stories I have written for the DQ Forum.



6-29-12 Added another Castle poem to the bottom of page two.Enjoy, Breath Love Always. J


6-13-12 I havenít been very good about updating my site and letting you all know whatís new around here.Sorry about that!The most activity has been my Castle Poems, now spilt into two pages.There are ten beautiful poems from the end of Season 3 to the end of Season 4.Check back come Season 5 for more.I also re-added my black and white photography page, which seems to have ďvanishedĒ when I wasnít looking.All is well now.Enjoy.



11-04-11 3 new pages of poems added, along with a Castle & Beckett poetry page.


3-26-11 Reworked the FanFic Yours and Mine, retiled now as Budding Love.  Hope you all enjoy the new version.


01-15-11  Small updates on some pages, as I'm afraid I don't update here too often.  Hope those of you that visit are still enjoying the site.


5-15-09 My first update this year!  Wow it's been a while.  I've added on another page, having met my favorite actress a third time.  Can't believe it but it was a nice evening and I'm glad that I was there.  My evening.


5-17-08 Completion of the first fanfic in: Michaela & Sully's Engagement Series.  Song of My Heart follows the end of Return Engagement when Michaela makes her choice between David and Sully.

5-14-08 Back to announce the completion of a new FanFic.  Almost Lover follows the emotional journey of Sully and Michaela in a What If scenario.  What if Sully had left Colorado Springs before Michaela returned from Boston? Read and find out if they will reunite or be forever doomed to find new love.

First five chapters are up: Almost Lover


4-26-08 I was lucky enough to "meet" my favorite actress, Jane Seymour again today.  It was a wonderful experience that I will treasure always.  Read my new story here.


1-2-08 Happy New Year to All.  With a new year upon us I now give you Love the sequel to Catching.  It is the third in the Brian and Sarah Trilogy.  One in which I enjoyed writing and I hope that you will enjoy these stories.


12-31-07 Here I am a day later with another fanfic for you all to read.  I give you now Catching, the sequel to Falling.

12-30-07 After many months of lack of updates, I've returned with a new fanfic that was part of a Quote Challenge for New Years on the Dr. Quinn Forum.  I hope you all will enjoy Falling.

2-21-07 Courtin' & Sparkin' has been edited and is up for your reading pleasure.  Hope you all enjoy.

2-7-07  My new story Footprints is completed.  It will be the first story in Michaela and Sully's Courtship Series.  The series, (unless I get some divine inspirations) is now completed.  I hope all of you have enjoyed reading this charming series as much as I have writing it. 

But I'm not going to abandon Michaela & Sully as my next series will be the awaited Engagement series.  It will begin with the conclusion of Return Engagement.


1-24-07  Finally I can announce the completion of Courtin' & Sparkin' as the last story in Michaela and Sully's Courtship Series. There will be one more story in the series yet to be unveiled.  Hope you all enjoy these last two stories.

1-9-07  Happy New Year to you all :-)


12-21-06 Happy Holidays everyone. :-)  I hope to be back in the New Year with more of Courtin' & Sparkin'.


10-15-06 For your reading pleasure, a preview of Courtin' & Sparkin'.  This will most likely be the final installment in the Courtship Series.


9-19-06 The pen had flowed forth into more sweet words that find themselves in a new courtship story.  Part of Your World, a prequel to Hearts A Fire is completed and up for your reading pleasures.  I had attempted to write a sequel to something else when this story was born.  It is my hope that all of you will enjoy this.


8-23-06  My creativity seems to be exploding everywhere in my writing.  Having just finished Perfect Love yesterday and added poems, I've finished a short story.  Many of you may have read Facing Fears and now there is a sweet gem of a sequel to it.  Yours & Mine is now up for your reading pleasure.

8-22-06 It's been so long since I've updated and I hope those fans of Perfect Love are still out there somewhere.  I've finally finished the story after much time off and the loss of the first inspiration.  Another was found and I hope you enjoy the story.

There are also three poems added that I have written over the past month or so.  As for over a month those words express how I truly feel inside.

Happy Reading


7-13-06 Since my last update I've written three new poems and painted three new works of art.  I also rescanned the sketch of the horses in color as it is originally.  Enjoy the writing and the art.


6-28-06  More work has been updated to my gallery.  There are three "new" ones as of today.  Most of what I've been finding is previously done.

6-24-06  I'm back with another update.  Scanned some artwork this morning adding six pieces to the gallery.  Also, two new poems are available for reading.

6-22-06 It's been nearly three months since I've updated anything on here.  Life is just so busy.  But I have added three artworks to my gallery.  One work I did in college and the other two within the past year.  I may add a poem later on.


3-26-06 I recently created a Blog for those of you who wish to post feedback there on my stories.  There isn't a lot there at the moment, but an excerpt from Courtin' & Sparkin' if anyone wants an early preview.

3-9-06  In addition to some page redesigns, I have completed another story in my Courtship Series.  Hearts A Fire falls between two already written stories, taking place while Michaela is in Boston (during Where the Heart Is). Hope all of you enjoy the new addition.


2-5-06   A new month turned over and a new chapter finished. Chapter 18 , (written as interludes) of  Perfect Love is complete.


1-19-06 Chapter 17 of  Perfect Love is complete

1-13-06 Chapter 16 of  Perfect Love is complete

1-02-06 Chapter 15 of  Perfect Love is complete.  Also a new banner design is up.


12-28-05 Chapter 14 of  Perfect Love is complete

11-12-05 Chapter 13 of  Perfect Love is complete

11-9-05 I've been on a roll this week and finished  Chapters 11 & 12 of  Perfect Love

11-7-05 I've completed Chapter Ten of Perfect Love.  Hope you all enjoy the new chapter.

11-4-05 Chapter Nine of Perfect Love has been completed. Happy reading to all.


10-5-05 Perfect Love now has eight completed chapters for you all to  feast your eyes on.  I am very pleased with how this story has taken shape and I hope the rest of it continues to go well.


9-17-05 Debuting with a new fanfic outside of the Courtship Series.  Perfect Love will follow our heroine Adrienne as she settles in Colorado Springs.  The story takes place after "Tin Star"  There is also a new artwork added to my Gallery.

9-4-05 In My Heart has now been completed, the last Chapter and Epilogue have been added today.  For those of you who have been waiting to read this gem I hope you enjoy, and those of you who have been reading all along I hope you won't be disappointed.


8-31-05 Two new chapters of In My Heart have been added for your reading pleasure.  Chapter Twenty Two was recently finished and Chapter Twenty One, not long before.

8-24-05 New works grace both my Gallery and Black & White Photography Album.

8-19-05  Did a little redecorating and added a new artwork to my Gallery..  It's one that I made as a card for someone, before I personalized it.


7-10-05  This day's updates brings with it the redesigning of my creative corner.  Those containing my artwork, poems and index have been fixed up.    You can now find my Black & White Photography  on it's own page.


6-22-05  Chapter Twenty of  In My Heart is complete and ready for you to feast your eyes on.   I've also created a new image for my home page and added a quote underneath.

6-11-05 Sorry it's been so long since I've updated.  Real Life has kept me busy, and my writing has been slow coming.  Most of my efforts outside work have been through into poems and art.  I am however pleased to announce that Chapter Nineteen  of In My Heart is finally complete.  I do hope the fans of this story will enjoy the new installment.



3-22-05 I've two new Poems:: Falling Into You & Heaven's Path, both of which I feel are very beautiful.  Some time ago, I agreed to host a fellow Dr. Quinn fan's story  At Last.  I hope you will enjoy her story as much as you have enjoyed my series.

3-12-05 Chapter 17 of In My Heart is completed and posted for you all to read.


2-26-05 Chapter 16 of In My Heart is finished and up  for you all to read. I'm pleased with how the story is progressing and hope you all are continuing to enjoy it.

2-22-05 Added Chapter 15 of In My Heart for you all to read. Happy reading.

2-19-05 Added a brand new poem "Finding You" to my collection of poetry.  This one is different from the others, but I am pleased how it came out.  Hope you all enjoy reading it.

2-15-05 Un-decorating the site from Valentines Day.  Made a new site "banner" of which I am pleased with.  I might come back later and add some more of Chapter 15, still in progress.

2-5-05 Finished and posted Chapter 14 of In My Heart late this week.  This chapter will be the start of Part Two, and what may turn into a spellbinding story.  We shall see where that goes.  Decided to "decorate" a little for the upcoming holiday (even though it's just me this year).


1-23-05 - I finally finished Chapter 13 of In My Heart

.  Sorry it's taken me so long to get it finished.  For awhile there I had a bit of writers block on the story.  But now that it's finished, I hope you all enjoy.

1-02-05  Happy New Year Everyone :-)  Hope you all had a safe and happy celebration.  For a little new year treat, I've added two new Poems for you all to read. Enjoy :-)


12-29-04  As '04 winds down, I find myself adding to my collection of poems.  There is a new Poem added just the other day for all to read.  Thumbnails have been added to the pictures on the Meeting Jane page.

12-24-04  I'm pleased to announce that four of my M&S Courtship Stories have placed in the Best 20 Stories of 2004 Poll conducted this year.  Thank you to all my fans who voted for them.  I've added new award banners to those four winning stories.  Made a new banner for my Place in the Heart Novel

12-23-04  Added a new Poem to the small collection I have posted.  Hope you all enjoy that.  Chapter 12 of In My Heart is completed and up for all to read.

12-14-04  Resigned the Gallery, making it easier to see all of the artworks.  Also changed the layout on my Poems page.  For those of you who are fans of my courtship series, I've finished and posted Chapter 11 of In My Heart.

12-10-04  Made a few minor changes to the About Me page and added a new artwork to my Gallery.


11-18-04  Welcome to my new domain :-) I'm wiping the slate clean and starting afresh with new designs and a new domain name.  My tripod web space was fast filling up and I wanted to do more with my site and have more spaces for stories, pictures and such.  I hope you all will like my new design and continue to visit.  Don't forget to sign the guestbook on your way out. ;-)