“I was told a woman doctor from Boston couldn’t survive alone on the new frontier, but I won’t give up and I’m not alone anymore, I’ve inherited a family and that maybe my biggest challenge of all”- Michaela Quinn, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman


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The Courtship Series

A romantic set of tender stories following the courtship of Michaela and Sully.  Each part of the series explores their budding relationship as they grow together in love.

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The Engagement Series

A collection of stories beginning after their engagement, leading up to the wedding.

(11 stories completed; more to follow)


The Marriage Series

A Collection of stories taking place during Michaela & Sully’s Marriage


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Brian & Sarah Trilogy


This story is part of a New Year's Quote Challenge on the Dr. Quinn Forum.  I used a quote from the movie Enchanted and made it into a story about Brian and Sarah reuniting after all these years.  It's a sweet story of falling in love all over again.

Authors note: This takes place in Boston ten years after The Heart Within


Sequel to Falling.  This was written on a whim.  It's a sweet story that picks up where it's predecessor left off.


Sequel to Catching.  A beautiful touching story to close this trilogy.


Colleen & Andrew Trilogy

A tender three part story series taking place twenty years after DQ aired.  The year is 1897 and Colleen and Andrew have returned to Colorado Springs to stay, along with them in their young daughter Anna.

Part one: Home Is Where the Heart Is

Part two: Dreams do Come True & Part Three: Heart-Shaped World


Stand Alones:

 Almost Lover

Sully returns home to Colorado Springs feeling as if he has lost Michaela to the likes of William Burke. He finds it hard to say in familiar surroundings without bringing up memories of her. Soon after arriving home he decides to journey away from Colorado Springs with his faithful companion by his side.

Michaela becomes anxious to return to home to Sully wanting to give him her declaration of the love she has felt for some time now. She longs to see him upon her return, but to her dismay all she is left is a handwritten note. Devastated, Michaela tries to deal with her grieve while her children worry about their Ma and the man she loves.

Will Sully and Michaela be able to find happiness again? Or will the forces of nature and their bond bring them back together again? All remains to be told in this emotional fic.


Break my Fears

Colleen struggles with the trauma of the night Tom broke into the cabin holding her captive briefly and scaring everyone.  This fic explores what we didn’t see in her healing process.

Authors Note: Takes place after Colleen’s final meltdown and before she sees Tom at Loren’s in Life and Death


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Packing a carpet bag and a trunk, Adrienne left her home in Virginia to begin a new life in the West. She was unaware of how rugged a town Colorado Springs would be, and how much she would need to adjust to a new way of life. Dorothy generously gives her a room upstairs in the General Store with much protesting from Loren. The sheriff's deputy seems to have also taken a liking to Adrienne along with his dog. Adrienne begins to settle in little by little each day as her new life begins to unfold.

Authors note: This takes place after Tin Star and before Michaela gives birth to Katie.


A Thousand Years

Summary: After months spent in Colorado Springs, Michaela feels something is missing from her life until one day when a side trip changes everything. Suddenly she is gifted with memories from days gone by and a man who seems so familiar


Picture Challenge Stories:

All stories are written with pictures posted on the Dr. Quinn Forum.  Some contain quotes from the show. Each story is between 1500-2000 words or less.

Love’s Memories

Patchwork of Dreams

Hotowa’e Dreams

Lipstick Headlines

Memories of You

Telling the World

Love’s Promise

All Yours

Love’s Strong Buck

Tidings of Joy

A Thousand Years



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