Poetry by Sarah

Deep down inside of me
Pieces are breaking apart
As everything around me
Is spinning in so many directions
While life itself stands perfectly still
There is so much I want to say
That I want to do
To make things move again
And stop the spinning around me
But when I want to try
Inside I just seem to break apart again and again
Wanting so much more in life
To touch a life, to be someone
To mend the broken pieces
Deep down that are breaking
As everything around me moves
While I stand and watch everything go by


Is there somewhere I can go
Someone to reach out and lift me from this place
Who believes in the power love can bring forth
Instead of living a solitary life
All those dreams of the handsome prince
Surrounded by reality of life
Off all the things that make the good and the bad
Where is the good
The love of one man for a woman
Can I find it within me
Can I find it in someone else?
So many times I stoop to reach the dream
But it slips away into the dust, time and time again
Surely a prince will lift me from this place
Carry me away to a castle that I see in my dreams
Loving me in the way of happily ever after


Desire burns through me
As I lay there in my dreams
Seeing you standing nearby
Catching your eyes flickering with sparks
I see your smiles, hear your voice
Wondering what it would be like to be yours

Rolling over I wonder why I feel this way
As desire burns me into a fog
With your face swimming all around
I see you clearly with my eyes
Your oh so sweet smile on your lips
A turn of the head as the sparks begin to burn
Into feelings soaring with a warm passion

There are no words to speak of
With a passionate fog enveloping
Everything around us
Igniting the fires of desire
In my dreams with you by my side
Where I am completely yours always


Living in this moment
Is my now
With an open heart
As the breeze blows over me
While feelings wash over me
Creating this moment in time

All around me is You and no one else
Breathing You with each breath
Of the air surrounding me
Seeing Your wonders before me
As only You could create
In nature, beautiful

Right here right now
This moment in time
Where I can feel you
In my open heart
To show me my true call
All around me to embrace

As I take this moment
To see where I've been
What I've become
And the places to go
Where great things are to come

With my open heart and
Your guidance
As my story continues
In a beautiful painting
From this moment onward


Tears streaming down her face
As hope slips away again
Filled with all the dreams and faith
That she used to carry with her
Now all there is brokenness
Inside a frail form, dying for some happiness
Before everything is gone

She's felt this way before
When everything seems lost
No one pays much attention though
To the huddled form in the corner
They want someone cooler and
She's just not it

But do they know the pain she feels
Deep within her soul
That's driving those tears out
Onto her pale sweet face
It's hard, she'd tell them if they even cared
But all they do is wallow in the happiness
That she just cannot share

As those tears fall, to wash way some pain
Some is left behind inside her
Leaving her with an empty feeling
As if the hopes and dreams are truly gone
And there is no one left to care
That the happiness is gone for now
Uncertain of return
As it all just slips away.


First time I saw your sparkling hearts
Warmth of love poured through me
As thoughts of unbroken hearts filled my mind
Love is sweet and love is pure, hearts never lie

All through life my open heart pours through words
Ones of longing, hope, love, desire
In my words there is no broken heart
Only a heart that speaks true from deep within
Love knows no boundaries as the heart beats

Always forever my heart looks for the moment
When love will not break it
But keep it open in love so true
Love is sweet, love is pure, hearts don't lie
On it's journey to open to you


Amid the twilight
There are shimmers of brightness
Nearly out of reach to my outstretched hands
Wanting to believe they bring hope
Hope for a new day
Without all the darkness

Staring into the night sky, seeing the stars
Wishing for more in life on the brightest ones
Wanting to believe in the hope of a new day
A new chapter with new doors to open
And windows of light to shine down

Looking into the night
For those unanswered questions
Of whats to come, of what will
Wash this pain away
Into just a faded memory

Amid the twilight
Making a wish on a falling star
For something more to come
Carry me away from this darkness
Embracing me in its light
Soothing me with words of hope
As a new day dawns on the horizon
With new hopes and dreams
For a better life with much success


Opening my eyes into this fog
Transfixing my eyes on a beam of light
Seeping through the damp mist beneath the fog
A crystals sparkle like the night sky before me
Afraid to blink, for fear everything
Would disappear into the air
With its remnants a memory to cherish
I begin to caress the beam of light, following the sparkles
Only to find amidst them, a beautiful face with golden eyes
Staring straight through my very being
As all breath leaves me from what my eyes have beheld.
Until I see you disappear into the air
Extinguishing all light around me
Darkness returns thick as fog
I can see nothing, but you
Sparkling in the beam of light
With your face turned towards mine
In the memory of my dream


In the darkening twilight
Your love burns through me
Scorching my skin raw
As the flames consume me
Your face is all that I see
The very light of immortality
A promise of forever and always

Yet you stand and stare with drinking eyes
While the passionate flames caress my very being
The one I know you want to touch so much
And protect forever and always

Will you not pull me from this misery
Of a forbidden love with no way back
Can you not see my life is yours now
There is no one else that I see forever
Amid the scorching flames
Burning me with love for you


Beauty dripping with evil
Tempting men in their wildest dreams
Giving of your virtue
Charming them to no end
Before you find reason to discard
Showering your distaste
Laced with poisons

Still they crawl to you
As if you are a great forbidden desire
That they want to love and capture
Yet you will not be captured
No man will tie you down in anyway
Should he then, paying an awful price
You would think nothing of doing
To get what you desire in life

Using your beauty, oh so sweet
To rise above others in your life
Discarding anything that stands in your way
To be in control of everything you know
Not caring if your true nature
Seeps through the beautiful exterior

Causing many to see you
As your true evil self
While others deny themselves what's true
Blinded by the stunning beauty you posses
Tempting them into your clutches
As your arsenic poisons
Masked by your beauty
Time and again
Till all is gone


Breath of fresh air frolicking
Wash over me in this moment
As the birds begin their courting songs
Flowers bloom with smiles
Around the glistening pond
My heart longs to feel your touch
Your lightness in my hair
The heat upon my face
Making me feel light in love

Walking along this shore
Sand pouring through my toes
The ocean lapping its threats to catch me
As I feel you teasing my hair
Kissing my neck
In a light flirtatious banter
With a twinkle in your eyes
Full of the love you see

Washing over me in this moment
Where my heart belongs to you alone
Singing our song from heights above
Floating on puffy clouds
With your breath enveloping me
While in your warm embrace

I feel breathless in your presence
With the warm sun lighting out way
Songs of two hearts becoming one melody
Gulls crying out in celebration
Of the barefoot beauty on the sand
Sharing the breath of fresh air
With her undying love


Idyllic Dream

Sweetly beckoning to you
Into the warm air with a whisper
Close to my lovely face
As I hear the birds song from their nest
Your gentle hand then guides me yonder
Where beautiful flowers bloom
Others enchanting me with their perfume
In wonderment of nature
You spin me around
Letting the shadows play over me
While the wind blows at my dress
You are not far from my site
With your handsome face
Capturing me in the spring light
In my dreams


Beauty to transcend time alone
Petals, silky soft beneath my fingers
As the stem trembles in the breeze
Caressing its feather softness
Wary of the sharp thorns
Striking into the air
With the soft delicate folds
Blooming towards the sky
Opening in a sensual sweetness
For a lover to envelope
In the folds of its beautiful scent
Capturing endless pleasure
As its feather like petals
Softly caress the air in love
With a timeless beauty
To behold for all time


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