Break my walls

All those years

I built them up to the sky

Keeping my heart safe inside

Until I met you

Everything changed

Nothing was ever the same anymore

I learned to believe, truly believe

Find my lost soul and save a town

Now Iím wrapped up in darkness

Fighting to bring back the good

I know is there deep down inside of me

Wanting so badly for you to save me

So I can have my happy ending

And somehow learn to let go and

Break down my walls

© 2015 by Sarah


Believe you are a savior

Be that invincible woman

Fighting for the good

You know is buried deep within the darkness

Sheís in there some where

Beneath the exterior

Itís a long hard road

That you fought to

Get where you are today

A loving person, with a warm heart

Caring enough to push past

The emotions threating to

Flood over you, like waves

You have it in you

To save her, to save the town

Only, just believe


© 2015 by Sarah


Love will see you through the darkness

Trusting your guard each step of the way

Knowing when to be careful, when to turn away

Itís all so new, and yet so familiar

Watching the one you love become

What you hunted for years

And wondering what lies behind a door

Something powerful and an unsung hero

Weak and awake with nowhere to turn

To be something youíve never been before

As your love searches for where you are

With the hope of a rose by her side

Magical and delicate, to be protected

As the real villain lurks amongst you all

Disguised as a hero

Working to save what belongs to him

Without anyone knowing why

Or that there is something far worse

Than a Dark Swan amongst them

© 2015 by Sarah


Love song to my rose

Keeping you safe from harm

Driving the darkness away

Living in this moment

Without a care

Becoming one

In the wild open fields

Swaying to the breeze

As passion flows

Loving you

Wanting to save you

From this darkness

Threatening to tear us apart

Believing the good in you

Will surface again

As our song continues

Under the stars

Opening your eyes

To my love song


©2015 by Sarah


Standing with love

No matter what it takes

We will share

One beating heart

Iíd go to the ends of the earth

To hell and back

Just to bring you home

Into my loving arms

To feel your kisses

Upon my lips

Finding out what the future holds for us

Iím not going to give up

With all we've been through

With all we've shared

Standing with my love for you

Believing we will always find each other

And share the love of

Two souls united as one

Forever and always

© 2015 by Sarah