"Jane Seymour: A One Woman Show" May 15th, Wentworth Gallery, Fashion Center at Pentagon City

For this third meeting I almost had a friend coming with me, but at the last minute something came up and she couldn't make it.  She was bummed and I wish she could have been there.  It was quite nice, yet I ended up a tad nervous for some reason.  You'd think after meeting her twice already that I wouldn't have this problem.  But I did for some reason that I can't put a finger on.

When I arrived at the Gallery there was a big sign outside with balloons that you couldn't miss, a fair amount of people inside, art all over the walls and Jane herself amongst them all.  I walked in and just began to look at all the art and read over some of the explanations that were tacked to the wall. On display were her Open Hearts, Flowers, Portraits, etc.  Her lilies from Giverney were just stunning.  I really admire how she can achieve the effect of a pond, with a reflection and all.  Her painting there was a story in itself as well.  Had more than one gallery person come up to me when I was admiring things, all ready to tell me things about Jane.  A part of me knew a lot already and I ended up with brief conversations here and there.

I did approach Susan at one point to say hello and she told me it was nice to see me and all.  I did ask her about the OH sculptures that I had seen and asked her what they were made of.  One looked to be golden and the other was brown.  Yet I was told both were bronze.  It was at that point that Jane came over, told me it was nice to see me and shook my hand. (Can I have an aww moment here?)  Usually it's me that has to go up to her)  She also noticed my OH necklace, with a big smile. I  told Jane and Susan about getting another as I was worried the crystals would fall out of the other one.

Some more time then passes and I'm still wandering in the small space looking at Jane's art when her husband, James appears out of nowhere.  In my head you'll here "OMG it's James!" , but not aloud.  I wish I could have met him, but he seemed to be making himself scarce with a book somewhere in the mall.  He appeared another time or two, but didn't stay long either time.

A part of me had also wanted a picture of myself with Jane but I learned that for that to happen I would have to buy her art. I knew that wasn't going to happen, couldn't afford the hundreds/thousands of dollars that her work cost.  But Susan did tell me that Wentworth has a layaway plan and one guy went over that with me but the price that I would have paid tonight was a bit too much and I couldn't do it.  Sometime later the Gallery Director found me admiring her work and managed to work out a really nice deal with me.   All started when he told me if I bought an OH painting that I'd get a free necklace.  Couldn't afford those and all even with the plan.  But we did go over to where I had looked at some of Jane's smaller pieces that were the cheapest. Well not cheap for me but he managed to find an amount that I could afford each month for two years to pay off the painting.  From there it was over to fill out some forms and all.  He was super nice and I have to wait a few days to see if it works out and all.  *Fingers crossed* He even let me take some pictures around the gallery, but I didn't get my picture with Jane.  He also told me about Jane's new OH design with an open heart and a peace sign, which is quite lovely.

She's still a sweetheart though as she invited some random admirers inside to look around and took some group shots with people outside the gallery.  I was outside watching this happen as it had gotten pretty warm inside and I felt a bit lightheaded.  One of the people in the group hands me her camera to give to the guy taking pictures and for some reason he thought I was a part of that group.  Wasn't and he ended up talking to me for 5-10 minutes as I was trying to cool off.  When I did end up with my freedom I bid Susan adieu and left to find some water and head home.

I'm glad that I went and mingled a little bit and enjoyed myself for awhile.  Missed having my friend with me and all.  But maybe some other time I can bring her to meet Jane.  I wish that I had talked to Jane a bit more but couldn't find anything much to say as I looked around.  Hope she'll be back again with more of her beautiful art on display and maybe some that I can afford.

Pictures from the event that I took.  All artwork on display by Jane Seymour.