Luxury Home Design Expo, Tyson's Corner, VA- April 26-27, 2008


Jane Seymour- Meeting for the second time-


Here I was on the brink of getting to meet Jane Seymour again, and I was nervous.  Yep me who had been even more so the first time and now a lot of it was does she remember me???  This was going to plague me for a while.


Being that this was my first trip out to the Sheraton Premiere I was a bit nervous in getting there as I was using mass transit.  Getting to Tysonís Corner Center wasnít any trouble and what I learned from the lady at the hotel this morning was that I could take a shuttle from there to the hotel.  Worked out really nicely with the time I arrived to the time the shuttle came for me to board and be on my way again.

By the time I got there I was fit to burst but decided register right away.  I was given a green bracelet and then went off to the bathroom.  Afterwards I found my way pretty easily to a carpeted hallway area near a set of doors to a room.  I went over to the doors, looked in and sure enough I recognized all the beautiful artwork and knew I was in the right place.


Jane wasnít there yet so I had time to look around at all her nice work, picked up something on the Open-Heart Jewelry collection and mingled.  One lady came up to me and was talking to me about Janeís flower paintings and how much she liked this one of a Purple Pansy set against a yellow background.  It was striking and beautiful. [I tend to have random people come up to asking me something or talking to me]

A little bit later Jane came in and you can imagine how that scene was like.  She started to greet everyone one by one.  An older woman was pretty chatty with her as she had things signed, telling her how much of an inspiration she was, getting a picture, etc.  All of us waiting sort of formed a ďQĒ if you will as we waited our turns.  She was gracious with everyone moving from one guest to the next.


I heard her talk a lot about her Open-Heart Jewelry and how she was going to a Kay Jewelers today.  If I heard her correctly she hadnít been to one before.  Jane showed everyone her Dancing Hearts necklace, Susanís cross with the open-hearts on it to people.  Jane was also wearing matching earrings and Susan was wearing one of the rings.  I did over hear her talking about Dancing with the Stars and how Tony and Marissa werenít doing so hot and he called her to ask what he should do.  Sometime after that Jane gave Marissa an open-heart necklace to which Iíve heard she hasnít taken it off. (Or maybe just keeps wearing it all the time)


As I continued to wait for my turn, hoping that it would be soon I found myself talking to another woman who had bought one of Janeís painting kits.  She told me she didnít know how to paint but she had dabbled with pastels and watercolor pencils.  I explained to her how the watercolor pencils worked, as I donít believe she knew before.  We ended up chatting for a while as Jane was ďwhiskedĒ off to the back of the room to speak with someone from People Magazine who talked to her for a long time.  During my conversation with the woman she kept mentioning how tiny Jane is and made comments on her eating habits.  She struck me as one of those people that looks at someone whoís so thin and wonders what do they eat?  How do they stay so thin?  A few other women at Janeís booths added into the conversation too.  One of them told me they were just in Old Town, near where I am.  Kicked myself as that is close to me and if Jane comes that way again Iím so there.


Well once the interview was done it was my turn to be greeted and all by Jane.  She was very gracious and came right over apologizing to me, ďIím so sorry youíve been waiting here for hours and hours.Ē  Not quite that long but I was pretty patient.  Jane signed my SIT book for me, the SIT print I bought, and I gave her the poem with the story behind it to her.  I told her in brief what it was, Open-Heart related and she asked for my permission to read my words for a recording, to which I nodded.  Jane then told Susan that the contents of the envelope were very important.  On the front I had written out the Hello message from Mary Ann and all on the DQ Times board. 

Jane did notice that I was wearing a Dancing Hearts Necklace and commented that I was one of the first to get them.  She then went on about more of her collection, showing me her earrings, pointing out Susanís necklace and ring to me.


Then I asked to have a picture with her, she asked about which painting to use as a backdrop and I picked a new one of a lady in a garden holding a basket of flowers.  It seemed to be pretty popular as far as backdrops for photos with Jane.  What really threw me off a bit is before we went over there and I canít remember at the moment what came before her comment about the lady in the painting but she said to me, ďIt could be you.Ē  Iím standing there thinking to myself she looks more like you, Jane.  And we go over there, she beats me and as Iím on my way there I accidentally get hit in the left cheek by the lady who does her framing (I think???).  So what followed was Iím sorry that was followed by are you ok?  Yep, Iím fine and I go get my picture taken with Jane.  Itís a lovely photo.

After the picture I was asking her about the inspiration behind the work and she told me how she had painted it before she sold St. Catherineís and mentioned something about an English Garden.  So from that Iím really not sure if she remembered me, since I did give her a painting with St. Catherineís on it and that I had been one of the first to get one of her Open-Heart necklaces.


Susan however did recognize my name, and she looked through the SIT book and really liked it.  In conversation she told me that ďIt just breaks my heart,Ē as I am thinking sheís taking about Christopher Reeve.  She was the one that seemed to talk me into buying the SIT print and told me what to do in getting it framed.  Sheís very nice and I enjoyed talking with her as well.


My time there today was wonderful, and I felt that Jane was more gracious and open this time, than when I saw her four years ago.  In fact she didnít seem to stop talking as she moved from one guest or guests to the next with such grace.  Iím really truly glad that I went there to see her again and Iíll treasure this experience in the years to come.  Getting to talk to other fans was a joy and with Susan putting a face with a name.  I love the print and someday I will have to get it framed and hang it on the wall.


April 26, 2008