29 May 2004-

Home Design Show & Reception

Honoring Jane Seymour




Leaving the House:

            I had a mixture of nervousness and excitement this morning of which I hoped the nervousness would pass.  In the months before hand it had taken a while for everything to sink it, that I was going to met Jane Seymour. I gathered my things together taking with me the painting I had made and some music before heading out the door.  I was hoping the music would relax me a little on the way there.  A guy friend at the time went with me.  Leaving early helped too which as we didn’t see the Ritz right away and took a few wrong turns before ending up in the parking lot near Macy’s.

Arriving at the Ritz and Meeting the Group:

         I remember walking  through Macy’s and into the mall till we found the hotel entrance, which didn’t take too long.  I was still a bit nervous too. There was a “maze” of corridors to walk through to get to the main lobby were we sat and waited.  Everyone was told to meet at 12 noon.  I saw other people in the lobby and wondered if they were part of the group.  I’d seen a picture of Tiff on her website, and kept my eye out for her.  Once I saw her come into the lobby, I got up and made my way over to introduce myself.  She recognized the painting I was carrying and knew who I was without any introduction.  Tiff had known of me making the painting for Jane and I may have shown it to her before hand.  I also met some other fellow Dr. Quinn fans while waiting for everyone to show up.  While we were waiting, Jane walked by saying to Tiff most likely that she’d be right back.  I still remember Tiff waving Hi to Jane's after she'd walked by.  Any nervousness that I had melted after Jane walked by.  She certainly has a calming effect on people.

Heading up to the Show:

            After the group was assembled, we all headed upstairs to the ballroom where the show was being held.  We paid our $ to get in the door, and some of us filled out a paper for a giveaway.  Jane had her art on display along the back wall.  It was easy to spot once I entered and turned to the right, going down the center aisle.  Jane’s work is so beautiful!  I’d only seen images of her work online, and now I had the opportunity to see it first hand.  I saw the painting she’d done of the Huntington Garden with the woman reading on a bench.  It was lovelier in person than in a picture.  Jane also had two large notebooks filled with images of her other work.  One of the pictures was of Michaela and Sully.  I’d heard she showed the original to the cast/crew/fans at the Dr. Quinn 12th year reunion.  It’s a very lovely picture as is all of her art.  I also chatted with a few fellow fans; one said to me “oh you’re the one that writes the courtship stories.”

Jane’s Arrival:

            I happened to be hanging by the notebooks when Jane arrived at the show.  My guy friend alerted me to her presence and I noticed an immediate flock of people in her direction.  I moved from my position next to the table and stood in front of her art display, watching all that was going on.  I’d also decided to follow Tiff’s lead on approaching Jane, not sure of when she was going to introduce us as a group or how it was all going to go.  That happened somewhere between 1:00-1:30.

Meeting Jane:

            I was one of the first ones over there, painting in hand and small folder of items to have signed.  Tiff told Jane that I’d made something for her; and handed her the painting.  I stood there watching her study it, hearing her comment on St. Catherine’s being in there and the horses as well.  Hearing Jane tell me that it was lovely meant the world, and what followed had me floored.  She told me “You’re very good.”  I looked at her thinking she was the better artist. ;-)  Right before the picture was taken of the two of us, and the painting she asked me how long I’d been painting to which I replied “since I was this tall.” (Think preschool height.)  My photo, script covers and his DVD insert were signed.  Then I moved to let others have their pictures taken with Jane.  He and I stayed a bit longer and then went off to find lunch.

Lunch/Back to the Show:

            During lunch I made up my mind that I was going to fully answer Jane’s question.  I honestly could have gone right back up to her after the I had handed her the painting and all.  Those close friends of mine know that I don’t give up that easily.  After lunch we went back for the last hour of Jane’s appearance.  She didn’t have as many people surrounding her, but I couldn’t seem to find the “right” moment.  My guy friend however kept poking me in her direction.  He wanted me to talk, but I didn’t… but decided I would do that later.  It was back to Ahhh tad nervous.  I did however wish that I'd taken a picture of Jane while she was "dancing"...it was too cute.  I forget what the music was that came on, and I remember swaying my hips a little, and before or after that I noticed Jane doing the same thing.  I wasn't the only one who would have liked to take a picture of that.


            After Jane left the design show, my guy friend and I went wandering around the mall.  We didn’t get to far before going into Walden Books. I inquired about Jane’s book, “Remarkable Changes”, which they were sold out of.  Then the  nice lady there called Borders, who had it and had them hold it for me.  The lady gave us directions which seemed a tad bit confusing.  We had fun trying to get there…lol.  In the meantime we killed some time.  I got my book and then we went back to the mall and got ready for the reception.

Reception in Jane’s Honor:

            The group met back in the lobby at 5:45.  I went over to talk with Amy and her parents and my guy friend joined me.  Tiff joined us later telling us the reception was on the same floor as the main lobby.  We weren't sure where though.  Someone told us it was in the ballroom and when we went up there, that wasn't the case.  Thankfully someone told us it was right downstairs.  He and I spotted Jane shortly after we entered, but decided to wait on approaching her.

            A little bit later, I, & my guy friend, Amy in tow behind me, made my way over to the area were Jane was.  We blended into the wall for a while before he suggested to me that we move closer.  I forget how long we three were standing there but it was enough to kinda make you feel a bit silly. After a bit we did move closer which  put us within clear view of Jane, and when she did turn around we were right there.  I remember squeezing his hand a couple times when I thought she was going to turn around.

            When she did turn around to face us, I spoke first telling her how beautiful her artwork was before I went on to fully answer the question she'd asked me earlier. I ended up reiterating who I was, which she very well may have known, but I wasn't sure.  I told her I’d been painting since I was in preschool and how I watched my Grandma paint.  She was a very good watercolor artist.  I also mentioned that I didn’t realize that I had real talent as an artist till I got to college.  Jane said “oh wow” when I told her how long I'd been making art.  She later made a comment about art, that I agreed with, but can’t remember now what it was.  Amy then spoke to her and then we turned back around, letting others approach.  I felt better having talked with her for that minute or two.


            The rest of the evening was spent chatting. I talked with Nancy, for a bit and then later joined her, Tiff, and (can’t remember her name) around one of the tables.  We talked about various things Dr. Quinn and non Dr. Quinn.  I really enjoyed meeting everyone and talking with new people.  He and I didn’t stay to eat at the Cheesecake Factory with the group.  I hadn’t eaten much the reception and my head hurt, shame on me for not eating anything.  We headed home, via McDonalds to grab something to eat.

            I was exhausted when we got home, but I loved every minute of the day.  I’m really grateful to Tiff for letting me know Jane was coming down here.  I really appreciated being taken to met Jane J  I enjoyed meeting all of you and talking with some of you.  My big highlight along with meeting her was giving Jane my painting.  Everyone was right when they said “She’ll love it.”  Now I’ve got a day filled with wonderful memories that I will surely remember in the years to come.