"If your heart is open, love will always find its way in."

-Jane Seymour-


As a teen growing up, I first knew Jane Seymour as the beloved Michaela Quinn, MD.  Michaela was one of my favorite characters on the TV Drama Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. (A show I still love and adore to this day).  Dr. Mike, as she was called and her mountain man Sully captured my heart as a beautiful couple, as did many other characters on the show.  I was also introduced around that same time to Somewhere In Time.  Jane starred in this film with Christopher Reeve.  Fell in love with the movie's romance, music, and beautiful scenery.  I also remember seeing her in The New Swiss Family Robinson.

The years then went by, as high school ended and so did Dr. Quinn and I moved onward to college.  Dr. Quinn ended up on my back burner, till I re-discovered my beloved series from childhood.  From there the love of the show grew for me as I collected the series on VHS first then, DVD.  I also began a small collection of Dr. Quinn Memorabilia.

Post college I began a Courtship series for Michaela and Sully, which grew and flourished during it's reign.  I loved their romance on TV and it was wonderful to fill in blanks that weren't seen on the screen.  Along with my writing came the joining of forums and learning more about Jane.  She's a wonderful person and so sweet and down to earth.  It's one thing to read about it all, to see her on screen and another to see and meet her in person.

Five years ago I got my chance to meet Jane Seymour in person  and see her beautiful art.  It was a wonderful experience and I've been fortunate enough to have that happen to me two more times after that in a five year span.  I would never have imagined that I would be lucky enough to meet her once, let alone three times, but I wouldn't trade those for anything.  Below I've shared with you my three stories of meeting Jane and it is my hope that you enjoy them and not give up on your dreams.


My Personal Stories meeting Jane Seymour

Home Design Show and Reception, Tyson's Corner VA- May 29, 2004

Luxury Home Design Show, Tyson's Corner, VA- April 26-27, 2008

Jane Seymour: A One Woman Show, Wentworth Gallery-Fashion Center at Pentagon City, Arlington, VA-May 15, 2009