Dreams do Come True

Part Two

Andrew stood next to Sully staring out at beautiful Colorado Mountains.  He could hardly believe that this would be his view each morning.  The deep blue of the sky, bright white clouds, bright sun, and tall trees as far as the eye could see.  With a baby on the way he wanted to surprise Colleen with the purchase of land for their new home.

“This is beautiful, Sully, thank you.”  Sully reached out his arm and put it around Andrew, “Sure is, and you’re welcome.  Colleen’ll be real pleased.”  Andrew smiled at Sully’s words.  He sure hoped so.  The town had grown so much that he was grateful to find land near the Sully homestead. 

Anna ran up a moment later, “Papa look!” He could see as she ran that there was something in her hand. “What did you find sweetheart?”  “Wildflowers for Mama,” she replied, breathlessly, “Aren’t they pretty?”

Kneeling down before her so he could look into her eyes, he smiled, “They sure are; your mother will love them.”  Anna beamed up at her father, before looking up at her grandfather for approval.  Sully smiled down at the girl rewarding her with a big smile.  She was a precious little girl.

“Anna, may I ask you something?”  Looking up at her Papa, squinting into the sun, Anna nodded.  “How would you like to live here where your Ma grew up?”  Anna stared down at her shoes for a moment.  She had grown to love Boston, but having spent time in Colorado Springs she loved all the wide open spaces.  She looked back up with a serious look in her eyes, “Yes Papa, just as long as I can have my doll house.”

Andrew smiled and let out a chuckle, “Of course.”  He was rewarded with a hug before Anna ran off to play with her cousins again, leaving him with the sweet smelling flowers.

“She’s got ya wrapped around her finger, doesn’t she,” Sully remarked after Anna was out of ear shot.  He had been that way with Katie, wanting to give her everything and protect her at the same time.

Andrew smiled and nodded as he and Sully turned to head back to the homestead.  She was very much his little girl and he loved her very much.

Colleen watched from the window as her family made their way back inside the house.  Anna skipped ahead with Katie fast on her heels, as both girls fell through the door breathless and red faced from the exertion.  Andrew, her Pa and Brian followed quietly behind entering with their usual greetings.

“Mama look!” Anna cried out as she rushed over to her Mama, breathless and holding out the bouquet of wildflowers she had picked.

“Thank you, they smell lovely,” Colleen answered with a smile as she accepted the flowers.  They had gotten a little sweaty from where Anna had held them tightly.  She would need to find a vase to put them in.

“Ma keeps some in the cabinet on the left,” Kate called out with no regard to manners.  She had turned into just as much of a free spirit as her Ma and Aunt Marjorie.  In looks Katie resembled her Pa down to a fault.  Her beautiful brown hair was the same rich color and had a beautiful wave to it, with skin the same color as her Ma’s.

Colleen looked back to thank her sister and saw the little girl she was for an instant, before the young woman appeared.  Even after all these years, Colleen still saw Katie as the adorable little toddler she was all those years ago.

Moments later Colleen joined the rest of her family around the fire place, as a fire roared giving the room a wonderful warm glow. 

Andrew stood up to make room for Colleen and made his way to the fireplace, turning his back to it and clasping his hands behind him.  Nervously he tried to gain everyone’s attention, which took a few tries.  Blushing like a school boy he continued on, “I have news to share, or rather we have news.”  He stole a glance at Colleen.

Michaela smiled as Colleen revealed to everyone that she was expecting another little one.  “I’m due in 6 months or so.”  Anna turned to see the joy in her Mama’s face before going over and giving her a hug, after seeing her cousin & Uncles do the same.

“There’s one more thing,” Andrew added once the excitement over his wife’s pregnancy died down.  “Sully has graciously let me buy some land nearby to build a homestead.  We’re going to be moving back to Colorado Springs.”

“Oh that’s wonderful news,” Michaela beamed.  She stole a glance at Colleen who was near tears and beaming.  Michaela knew from being pregnant how emotional one could get from one moment to the next.  She was also thrilled to have her daughter back home.


As the days and weeks passed by, Andrew began with his plans to build a new homestead.  Sully assisted often to make sure everything was running smoothly.  Building a home was a huge undertaking and while Andrew had the best of intentions, he was still very new to the process.

Matthew and Brian pitched in when time allowed, helping to lay the foundation and put up the walls.  Matthew kept busy as a lawyer working here and there on various cases.  He found the work stimulating and rewarding at the same time.  Brian had taken some leave from the Globe to return home and visit.  He was thriving as a journalist and loving every minute of it.

Colleen found herself settling into a rhythm, working at the hospital with her Ma for a short spell each day, taking walks after school with Anna and resting at home when she could.  She felt at times as if she was having a baby for the first time the way Andrew fused over her like a worried new father to be.  A part of her was glad that he had the building of their new home to focus on, rather than worrying about her too much.

Colleen enjoyed helping out at the hospital but lately all she was doing where minor things or updating charts.  She loved being able to work alongside her Ma again, after all those years it was as if she never left.  All those years ago, Colleen remembered the epidemic that swept through town and how she had watched Dr. Mike so much.  Colleen looked up to Dr. Mike so much then, that becoming a doctor seemed just as possible as becoming a school teacher. 

She also remembered how much Dr. Mike wanted to see their names together on the clinic, now hospital sign.  Colleen smiled at the memory, as she finished up the last chart of the day.  One day she, Colleen Cooper-Cook would have her name up there next to her Ma’s and Andrew’s right beside theirs.

Colleen finished writing the last bit of patient information, closed the chart, put it back into the file and headed towards the coat rack.  She removed her cape and hat before exiting out onto the street, filling her lungs with fresh air.  There was no place she would rather be than, home with her loving family and practicing medicine with her Ma and Andrew.  Colorado Springs was where her heart was and would stay in the years to come.

© 2013 by dqmwartist