Sully & Michaela

Their romance began the day

She arrived in town

He was taking care of business

She was just arriving in the west

To practice medicine

She didnít know how to ride a horse

Stood up for him in the general store

He gave her lodging for a $1 a month

On her birthday the first kiss was shared

Things would go up and down from there

Tears and heartache

Her fiancť would return alive and not dead

But Sully she loved and would wed

On a beautiful spring day

In the merry month of May

The romance would continue as a marriage

A child they would later share

Little Katie

Through so much came a beautiful love

That was started the day she arrived in town

To practice medicine in the Wild West

Where she would know pain and hardship and

Meet the one to sweep her off her feet

Right down the alter and

To their life together in holy matrimony


Seb 6-9-01


~Dr. Quinn~


She came to Colorado Springs

To be a doctor

They didnít want her

Because she was a woman

She stayed anyway

A miner by the name of Sully

Gave her lodging

The town midwife befriended her

She was one of the docís only friends

Later a snakebite would take the midwife

The Doc was left to care for three children

Which wasnít easy

As the youngest ran away

And the oldest insisted on sleeping in the barn

Sully and the doc, Mike as she was called

Would have a relationship

That would blossom into a romance

The town would slowly begin to accept her

But there would still be those that were stubborn

And not accepting of lady doctors

But as the years went by

She came to Colorado Springs

To be a doctor

And found much more


Seb 6-12-01


From the DQ fanfic novel: Place in the Heart


Is it you

Am I lost in a dream

Or am I wide awake

If this is all a dream

Then I wish not to wake


I have loved and I have lost

The pain and heartache

Have been more than I could bear

Satisfied with being all alone

Never to love again


But there you are

Standing before me

Love sparkling in your eyes

My heart is swelling

Could it be love that I am feeling?


As if in a dream

I watch you walk towards me

Your hand caresses my face

There are no words to describe

As our lips meet in passion


If this is all a dream

I dare not wake

To find you gone would be unthinkable

Iíd rather stay here

In this dream with you

© 2004


In my heart youíll always be no

Matter how far away you are

I know youíll be there through thick and thin

Writing me letters as a war rages on

Around you as you fight to get back

When Iím sick I know youíll be there for me

Never giving up hope that Iíll live again

To have and hold you

Even at our breaking points

I know youíll be there

Fighting for my life, working to earn my love

For nothing will separate me from you

As our hearts are one to stay

Forever and always

No matter where you are

Youíll always be, in my heart

Seb 9-4-05


From the DQ fanfic Part of your World


Just want to be a part of you world

Feeling your warm body next to mine

Sharing my love with you always

Even if that part means going the distance

To bring you home to where your heart is

Mine is with you wherever you may be

Near or far, my heart will always be yours

Just want to be a part of your world

And let you be a part of mine

Showing you the things around me

Which have been kept secret

Until you invaded my heart

Nothing has been the same anymore

As I journey far to be in your arms

To have and to hold

Seb 9-19-06


From the DQ fanfic Courtiní & Sparkin


Lost in those flames is a little girl

Her hair is a mess, clothing wearing away

Face covered in dirt

But underneath it all is a beautiful soul

Watching the pain burn away

She hurts so much inside

Those eyes canít hide all the pain

Of being all alone in a big big world

A family gone leaving her standing there

In front of a mirror with only a reflection

Of a soul to get her through

Yet somehow underneath the pain

In the beautiful soul, is a young woman

Ready for the challenges of the world

Ready to be found again

Just look again, the little girl in those

Flames has grown up to be a woman

With no turning back as she strives for success

And to be loved by all

© 2005-2007


Believe In Me (written for a fanfic)

Believe in me
That I can come through this darkness that surrounds me
All my life the scars will haunt me
But with you at my side I can do anything
As you lift me up from the ashes
Breathing new life into my soul
That I can heal what's broken inside
With your love and devotion
I can rise above the pain and sadness
To meet your safe, loving arms
Because you believe in me

seb 5-20-08


Written about a fanfic entitled: I Run To You


Looking deep into your eyes
Seeing your soul pouring
From the blue depths of your eyes
Pain creasing your face
As if you've lost the one you love

Starring into the twin blue and green depths
Noticing her pain etched across her face
Pools threatening to spill out with one word
Yet somehow she barely falters
Through the coming storm

Deep down your souls have become one
Healing you both of deep running pain
Bringing trust to a whole new level
As love blossomed into a red red rose
There was no other whose arms
You'd rather be in or whose love
Deserved your whole heart

Through all the pain and sorrow
A rainbow formed on the other side
Bright and full of color
Just like a young girls drawing
Bringing your love back to stay
Forever and for always

by Sarah © 2011


Because I love you

Because I love you

Falling forward with the

Motion of a moving train

Seeing the unexpected alarm in your eyes

Then feeling as if everything is slipping away

As you turn away from me forever

Or will you return to me?


Walking the streets

Eyes brimming with tears

Wanting so much to turn back around

To tell you I love you too

But there isnít anywhere for me to go

Except back home, for now

Then I will make my way

Home to you


Days pass into nights

As the mind feels as if

All is lost back there

On a train car

Loved and lost, the pain still hurts

Never the same each time

Until l the day I see you again

My heart filling with love

Daring to believe that you

Share those feelings too


Moving as if time stands still

You turn and look into my eyes

Distant but everything changes

In the instant your steps towards me

Turn into running

And itís all I can do to catch you

Holding you in my arms

Twirling you around

As I hear you say

I love you too


Smiling up at you with love

As you envelope me in your arms

Feeling their warmth around me

This is where I belong

Here with you

Home in Colorado Springs


© 2013


Believing with all my heart

That you will be there

Right by my side again

That all my searching

Will not end in failure

For I will not give up hope


Unwilling to back down

When all it seems

Might be lost in the dust

There is no turning back

Until I find you

Know that you are alive


Each day runs into the next

Normal things donít seem to matter

The emptiness inside wonít leave

Walking around sad and alone

Without seeing your smiling face

Threatens to break my heart in two


As enemies close in around me

Making it all that much harder

Just to find the one I love

Unaware of what lies ahead

When all that matters

Is just being with you

Held in the safety of your loving arms

As I fight through each day

With new hope that today will be the day

That all the pain will wash away

For you to be with me again


Then the day comes when

Lilies appear and all I can think of

Is you out there alone and hurt

Willing my body to find yours

Speaking to me through the air

As the sun shines down below

Hope fills my veins


And when that moment comes

When all the searching closes

Around your broken body

Still breathing life as relief

Floods through my body

Washing away all the fears

With you here, by my side


Breathing into you

Giving you life again

As you whisper my name

Letting me know

You are not lost from us

But found a new again


Through all the believing in my heart

To have you here again

Alive and by my side

Never to leave

As I hold you close

To love and nurture

For better and worse

In the many years to come

Together always and forever




Love, that got away


Just give me one more look

Into your beautiful eyes

So I can feel the warmth course through me

Even though you love another

I still wish you were mine


Iíd give anything to go back

To touch your tiny hand again

Feeling a jolt of pleasure run through me

Seeing a flicker of it in your eyes

Before the flame was snuffed forever


You told me once how scared you are to love

How much you feel inside

The fear you feel at speaking from your heart

You donít have to be that way

Around me anymore


I donít want to miss you in my life

No matter how much

Iíve pushed you out

Thereís always been

A place for you, in my heart


All I want is for you to live

Deep down wanting to know

I wasnít too late

Screaming for help

Yelling to go faster


To see you open your eyes

Watching you smile

Seeing your hair cascading down your back

Happy with another, pains me so

I wish it was me that was yours


Only know, I want you to live

To see another day

The town wouldnít be the same

Without your healing touch

Or the buried love I feel

For you, the one that go away


© 2013


Loving, friend so brave


Life flashing before my eyes

Feeling pain deep within me

Visions swirling around in a blur

Hearing your familiar voice

Breaking through the air


I am once again seated at the cafť

Startled by your actions, your touch

As warmth comes over me

Smiling, I pull away, this cannot be

There is another I love


Your shouts fill the air

With your arms lifting me

Effortlessly into a wagon

The moment darkness envelopes

Everything around me

Peaceful with haunted dreams


I can hear your pleas

Through the darkness

Frantic and urgent

Caring so strongly

It makes me want to smile

Only everything inside me is frozen


All I can do is be still

While the world around me

Scrambles around shouting

Feeling your arms around me

Whispering ďdonít leave, donít dieĒ

ďYou are lovedĒ


Love was a frozen emotion

Inside of my heart

I tried to be brave for you

Letting you know how scared I was

Burying judgments in the sand

To open up the part of me, to you

Of whom I truly am


Only know it seems

Life has dealt a cruel blow

In the blink of an eye

I am grateful for your strength

To save me from this hell

Giving me another day

To live, to love


© 2013



© 2001-2014 by Sarah