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Sully: "Courtin's like reading a book. You gotta take each chapter in order."
Michaela: "Some chapters are harder to get through than others."
Sully: "But you read 'em all. Otherwise, you'd be cheatin' yourself outta the whole book."

Short Stories & Novels





In My Heart (Novel)

The Special Things

Courtin' & Sparkin'

First Date




Carry Me Home


Facing Fears


Budding Love


Feelings of Love


Part of Your World


Hearts A Fire


Safe From Harm


Place in the Heart (Novel)


M&S Courtship Awards:

Best 20 Stories in 2005

#11 In My Heart

Sylvie's Top 20 Stories in 2005

#7 In My Heart

Best 20 Stories in 2004

#15 Challenges, #16 Feelings of Love, #19 Facing Fears, #20 Place in the Heart

Sylvie's Top 20 Stories in 2004

#6 Place in the Heart, #10 Feelings of Love, #16 First Date

Thank you to the fans for your votes, without you my stories wouldn't be where they are today.


~Last Update: 3-06-2013~

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