With Love, Always:

A Collection of Castle Poems

Season Three poems both written after Knockout


Somewhere along the way
Love for you found its way in
From the moment I looked into
Your beautiful eyes
All I wanted to do
Was make you mine

Making it all about research
Just so I could be close to you
Was all I really wanted
Until the day it became more
No research could equal
My deep desiring love for you

Wanting to protect you with my life
Every step of the way
Unable to live without you
By my side

My heart is yours
Wrapped in a passionate kiss
Lost in the beauty of your eyes
All those stolen moments
Burned in my memory

As all I want to do
Is wrap my arms around you
Never letting you go for all eternity
Even as you lay here
Before me as Snow White
Waiting for true love's kiss
And the day I can call you mine

I love you, Kate

5-18-11 by seb

Closing my eyes against the pain
Near my beating heart
Your strong arms around me
With your words echoing in my mind

All those months of fighting
Buried feelings deep inside
Keeping you at a distance
Keeping my heart from you
Felt like the right thing to do

Nothing makes sense anymore
Feeling colliding on a roller coaster
Through the pain in my heart
And the love running deep
Afraid to give my heart away

Knowing deep down
My heart beats for you
With love I've never felt before
Beneath all the bickering
And pushing you away

I don't know what I'd
Do without you there
Driving me crazy
Making me laugh
As I've been slowly
Fallin' in love with you

2011 by seb

Season Four: Castle Secrets